进程文件: runonce 或者 runonce.exe。

进程名称: Runonce。

runonce.exe是微软Run Once的包装。它用于第三方应用程序的安装程序。它允许安装程序添加到启动项中,用于再次启动后,进行进一步配置。这个程序对你系统的正常运行是非常重要的。

出品者: Microsoft Corp.


系统进程: 是

后台程序: 否

使用网络: 否

硬件相关: 否

常见错误: 未知N/A

内存使用: 未知N/A


间谍软件: 否

Adware: 否

广告软件: 否

木马: 否


进程文件: runonce.exe or runonce

进程名称: Runonce。

runonce.exe is the Microsoft Run Once wrapper. It is used by the installation programs for third party applications. It allows the installation program to startup again after boot up to give the user the possibility to make further configurations. This process should not be removed to ensure that programs are installed correctly on your system.

Recommendation for runonce.exe:

runonce.exe should not be disabled, required for essential applications to work properly.

Author: Microsoft Corp.

Part Of: Windows

安全等级 (0-5): 0

间谍软件: No

病毒: No ( Remove runonce.exe )

木马: No ( Remove runonce.exe )

Memory Usage: N/A

System Process: Yes

Background Process: No

Uses Network: No

Hardware Related: No

Common runonce.exe Errors: N/A