run32dll.exe是PAL PC Spy间谍软件的一部分。它会记录键盘输入和屏幕内容,以监视你的操作行为。

run32dll - run32dll.exe - 进程知识库

进程文件:run32dll 或者 run32dll.exe

进程名称: PAL PC Spy


出品者: RF1 Systems


系统进程: 否

后台程序: 是

使用网络: 是

硬件相关: 否

常见错误: 未知N/A

内存使用: 未知N/A

安全等级 (0-5): 2

间谍软件: 是

Adware: 是

广告软件: 否

木马: 否


进程文件: run32dll.exe or run32dll

进程名称: PAL PC Spy


run32dll.exe is a process belonging to PAL PC Spy. It is a key recorder and screen capture utility that monitors everything that happens on your computer. This process should be removed to ensure your personal privacy.

Recommendation for run32dll.exe:

DISABLE AND REMOVE run32dll.exe IMMEDIATELY. This process is most likely an adware or spyware.

Author: RF1 Systems

Part Of:

安全等级 (0-5): 2

间谍软件: Yes

病毒: No ( Remove run32dll.exe )

木马: No ( Remove run32dll.exe )

Memory Usage: N/A

System Process: No

Background Process: Yes

Uses Network: Yes

Hardware Related: No

Common run32dll.exe Errors: N/A