credit rating 信用评级 ; 信贷评级 ; 信用等级 ; 信誉级别

audience rating 收视率 ; 视听率 ; 卖座率 ; 观众评价

rating agency 评级机构 ; 信用评级机构 ; 评级公司

For some teachers, half of their rating is based on how well their students do. 对一些教师来说,一半的评级是基于他们的学生表现。

You can then look over your credit rating and contact them if you discover something that is incorrect. 然后你可以看看你的信用评级和他们接触一下,如果你发现的东西就是不正确。

Some are in favor of the rating system, They hold that since students attend the teachers' classes every day, they should have their opinion about their teachers' effectiveness. 一些赞成评级制度,他们坚持认为,因为学生们参加教师每天上课,他们应该有他们的意见关于他们的教师的有效性。