根据《柯林斯英汉双束糊解大词典 》:

N-UNCOUNT Preparation is the process of getting something ready for use or for a particular purpose, or making arrangements for something. 准备

N-PLURAL Preparations are all the arrangements that are made for a future event. 准备工作

N-COUNT A preparation is a mixture that has been prepared for use as food, medicine, or a cosmetic. (用作食品、药品或巴民套愉化妆品的) 配制品姜页重

preparation for 为…做准备

preparation method 制备方法

in preparation 在准备中

in preparation for adv. 为……作准备

coal preparation 选煤

preparation plant 选矿厂

sample preparation 样品制匪格嚷备;样品处理;样品加工

preparation work 准备工作

material preparation 材料制乎充蒸备;下料

enzyme preparation [生]酶制剂

make preparations for 为…做颈戏笑蜜准备

data preparation 数据准备枣企跨;资料准备

surface preparation 表面处理

soil preparation 整地

preparation equipment 选矿设备

site preparation 预备场地

mental preparation 心理准备

pharmaceutical preparation 药物制剂;医药制剂

specimen preparation 试片制作;样品制备

make preparation for 为…作准备

The key to success is preparation.


The importance of preparation cannot be overemphasized.


The third book in the series is currently in preparation.