syncope,英语单词,名词,意思是“[内科] 晕厥;字中音省略,中略”。


swallow syncope 吞咽晕厥

helium syncope 氦昏厥 ; 氦晕厥

wind syncope 风厥

Conclusion For postpartum reduce the incidence of syncope, health education should start around predictability. 结论:降低产后晕厥的发生率,应围绕预见性健康教育展开。

Conclusion The patients who have many circulation symptoms but do not have objective evidences may be a particular type of syncope vasovagal. 结论以循环系统症状为主而无客观证据的患者可能是一种特殊类型的血管迷走性晕厥。

But differential diagnosis should be done on some special spirit and conscious states, like syncope, eclampsia, stupor, hysterism, and locked-in syndrome. 但在诊断中应注意与一些特殊的精神、意识状态如晕厥、惊厥、木僵、癔病发作、闭锁综合征相鉴别。