Selwyn(全名:Selwyn Pretorius,1982年Durban, South Africa天蝎座)是来自于西澳地区,佩斯州的R&B歌手。

Selwyn (born Selwyn Pretorius, 1982, in Durban, South Africa) is an R&B singer from Perth, Western Australia, Australia. He was a contestant on the Australian reality series Popstars 2; and while he didn't make it through to the final group lineup, his appearance on the show managed to score him a record deal.

后面大概就是他参加过一个叫‘ Popstars 2’的真人秀,虽然没有进入最后店糊胶,但是他获得了一份唱片和约。

His first single "Buggin' Me" was released in 2001; with his debut album Meant to Be following in 2002. A few more hits came from the album, such as "Way Love's Supposed To Be", and "Rich Girl", a cover of the Hall & Oates song (taken from the soundtrack to the film The Nugget). He returned in 2004 with a new album One Way, and a new single "Boomin'", but this achieved much less than his first album's success; and consequently he was dropped by his record label.

他的第一支单曲‘Buggin' me'在2001年发行,随后在2002年它发行了第一张专辑‘Meant to Be ’。专辑中,像是"Way Love's Supposed To Be", and "Rich Girl"都成为比较热门的曲目。(还有一首电影曲,这句话不知道怎么翻。)在2004年的时候,发行了新专辑‘one way'旋碑敬盼,和一只新单曲‘boomin’,但是这盼胶姜张专辑销量大大少于首张专辑,因此,公司与他取润故臭消了合约。

He is also infamous for his feud with Cristian Alexanda, another R&B singer from Perth.

他因为和另一个从西澳佩斯来的R&B歌手Cristian Alexanda不和而声名狼藉。

他原来属于SONY BMG旗下,合约取消后,官方网站也取消了。

《Meant To Be》中一首名为《Negative Things》的歌曲广为流传,舒缓的旋律,安静的歌词,Selwyn低沉的男音使这只曲子更具魅力,很多人都是因此而认照组脚试识Selwyn。

1. Intro

2. Buggin'笑榜婚束担 Me

3. She Said

4. My Thang

5. Way Love's Suppose To Be

6. Negative Things

7. Rich Girl

8. Like This Like That

9. Take My Time

10. Way You Make Me Feel

11. AM Call

12. Tell Me What You Like

《One Way》歌单:

1. Satisfactual

2. Say Hey Baby

3. Boomin'

4. Breath

5. Snowbiz

6. Cutie

7. King Of The Jungle

8. Just Let Me Know

9. It Could Be You

10. Lil' Miss Thang(feat. Isreal)

11. Hero

12. Definition Of Music