《Socialism》是2011年Ludwig von Mises Institute出版的图书,作者是Ludwig von Mises。


Even supporters of Liberalism might well ask themselves whether this is their appropriate place, for in form and diction they are not so much legal principles — fit subject matter for a law of practical life — as a political programme to be followed in legislation and administration. At any rate it is obviously insufficient to include them ceremoniously in the fundamental laws of states and constitutions; their spirit must permeate the whole State.

Little benefit the citizen of Austria has had from the fact that the Fundamental Law of the State gave him the right ‘to express his opinion freely by word, writing, print, or pictorial representation within the legal limits’. These legal limits prevented the free expression of opinion as much as if that Fundamental Law had never been laid down. … England has no Fundamental Right of the free expression of opinion, nevertheless in England speech and press are really free because the spirit which expresses itself in the principle of the freedom of thought permeates all English legislation.