field of honorn.战场,决斗场

guard of honorn.仪队,仪仗队

honor systemn. 荣誉制度

guest of honorn. 主宾

maid of honorn. 1.女,女傧相

matron of honorn. (已婚的)首席女傧相,主要伴娘

point of honorn. 有关个人名誉之事, 面子问题

word of honor【法】 诺言

Enterprise honor 企业荣誉 ; 联系我们 ; 企业声誉 ; 公司荣誉

Honor hold 荣耀堡 ; 荣誉堡 ; 光荣堡 ; 光彩堡

Our Honor 医院荣誉 ; 我们的荣誉 ; 公司荣誉 ; 机构荣誉

HONOR STUDENT 荣誉学生 ; 福见真纪 ; 三好学生 ; 荣誉生

Honor certificates 获奖证书

Hospital honor 医院荣誉 ; 诊疗设备 ; 尖端设备 ; 荣誉资质

Secret Honor 秘密的荣誉 ; 秘密的荣耀

Christophe Honor 奥诺雷 ; 克里斯多夫何内 ; 欧诺黑 ; 克里斯托弗·奥诺雷

honor class 荣誉班 ; 荣誉课程

a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinctionan award for bravery

[同] honor, honour, accolade, award, laurels

the state of being honored[同] honor, honour, laurels

[反] dishonor, dishonour

the quality of being honorable and having a good namea man of honor[同] honor, honour[反] dishonor, dishonoura woman's virtue or chastity[同] honor, honour, pureness, purity

bestow honor or rewards uponToday we honor our soldiers

The scout was rewarded for courageous action

[同] honor, honour, reward

[反] disgrace, dishonor, dishonour, attaint, shame

show respect towardshonor your parents!

[同] abide by, honor, honour, observe, respect

[反] disrespect


1.And they don't often make school honor rolls.


2.He won the Medal of Honor for his actions in 1943.


3.I don't know, what would a synonym today be for honor?